Once in a while we all get that itch, the need to re-decorate our homes. We know it will be a long, hard and extremely messy journey; but at the same time we know that if we leave it in its current condition that it will drive us insane. But then a problem hits; what do you want it to look like? Will those colours go with that canvas? What if you tried mixing these colours together?

For many years the best we have been able to do is match the picture on the sides of the tins or to get a small test pot. But we all know that this takes time, and money, and it quite often never looks the same when completed.

This is why an online interior design website can help you plan your home before you have even bought the paint. Simply create your floor plan, play around with the colours and experiment with the furniture. You can be as creative as you want without the risk of messing things up.

There are plenty of websites online that can help you achieve this, but our personal favourite is www.Roomstyler.com.

This website allows you to draw your own floor plan, and search through thousands of furniture items from a range of stores including Ikea, John Lewis and Marks & Spencers. Just find the item that is right for your home and you are ready to create a 3D replica of the place you know and love.

Once this is done you can re-arrange furniture, paint the walls, lay new floors and experiment with new and exciting combinations to your heart’s content. If you don’t like it then simply change it back.

With a vast range of furniture, architecture and colours, you are sure to find something that you like; plus if you want to try a certain paint colour in real life then this site allows you to order a Dulux colour tester.

Though we cannot understand why a website that boasts about using furniture from real retailors does not give the user an option to see where they come from or where they can buy it from.

Roomstyler.com is simple and easy to use, simply create your home from a top down view and then position a virtual camera where you want to see a 3D perspective. From here you can take photographs of your room and save them to an album for future reference.

But, this site does not come without its faults, we believe that it would be beneficial for users to be able to scale furniture to match their own homes as we quite often found that we would find the perfect item for our décor yet it was simply too large or too small.

However, despite this, we found that this really is a great way of determining how to decorate our homes without the annoyance of destroying our living room.